Rebels with a Cause: How a Battle Over Land Changed the Landscape Forever; Rafael Film Center


Why don’t the Marin Headlands look like an upscale Daly City? And why doesn’t Pt. Reyes have a six-lane highway? Because a small handful of citizens banded together to protect the land for future generations.

This is the story of how homemakers, lawyers, farmers, ranchers, activists, and a few politicians, worked together to sign into law the first National Seashore, and to protect open space and agricultural land in San Francisco and Marin County over the last 60 years. Prepare to be moved and inspired. If you care enough, you can change your world.


June 7-13, 2013: San Rafael (Smith Rafael Film Center); Berkeley (Elmwood Theater); Sebastopol (Rialto Cinemas)

6:30PM, Saturday, June 8 and 1:30PM, Sunday, June 9: Screenings followed by discussions (for 6/9 info see

June 14-16, 2013: San Jose (Camera 3)


Filmmakers Nancy Kelly & Kenji Yamamoto, and Rebels Huey Johnson and Doug Ferguson, received standing ovations at the Rafael’s post screening Q&A last night.

Huey Johnson is co-founder of Trust for Public Land, as well as founder of the Resource Renewal Institute. Doug Ferguson is a lawyer and environmental activist

Rebels will be broadcasted on KRCB next year.

For more information, see: and


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